Need better resolution in my plot!

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I am working on a plot of a local density of states and want to know if anyone has any suggestions to improve the resolution.
Basically, all I am doing is taking a matrix of values and plotting these magnitudes on a lattice. The function I am doing to do this plot is pcolor, which I understand may not be the best choice. I am just not sure how to plot a matrix with a different function. If anyone knows of a better function or how to improve pcolor's resolution, it'd be greatly appreciated!
Attached are the relevant programs. I tried attaching the parameters complied from BdG, but they were too large even after zipping. I set the number of lattice sites N=60, so it does not take too long to compile (note this will affect the resolution but not terribly bad). Run example after the workspace has the relevant parameters loaded.
Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Feb 2020
Since you are not passing in x and y coordinates, the value at each location is simply the mean of the four surrounding values, which is effectively a low-pass filter that would have the effect of making the data less pixelated than it starts out.
pcolor does not do any extrapolation in the mode you are calling it with. The number of faces it produces across is equal to one fewer than the number of columns, and the number of faces it produces down is one fewer than one number of rows. Each face is a solid color unless you use a "shading" command.
There is, of course, always issues if the size to allocate to each face according to the axes size and number of faces is not an integer number of pixels, but pcolor has nothing to do with how colors are chosen for that case.

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Guillaume on 10 Feb 2020
I'm a bit confused. I still have no idea which bits of code are relevant. Still can't run example.m and I'm unclear what to to do with the outputs of BdG_Hamiltonian. As for your figure, it contains an Image object in the axis whereas pcolor creates a Surface object.
It looks like you used imagesc, not pcolor. Anyway, as I wrote pcolor, imagesc, etc. do not do any interpolation. They plot exactly the number of points you give them. However, it's trivial for you to rescale your original matrix to a higher resolution:
%get the cdata out of plot_of_LDOS.fig since we don't have the original data:
hfig = openfig('plot_of_LDOS.fig');
source = hfig.Children.Children.CData; %Children of figure is the axis, children of the axis is the image
%plot at higher resolution
imagesc(imresize(source, 8))
Marcus Rosales
Marcus Rosales on 10 Feb 2020
I'm going to give this resize a try; thanks!
I unfortunately can not do a 200x200 matrix since this is for one too computationally intense for my computer, and we need a specific lattice size.

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