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Sending Packets between Two Nodes

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Mohmmad Abu Yousuf
Mohmmad Abu Yousuf on 9 Feb 2020
Good day,
I intend to send a TCP packet and receive the acknowledgement between two wireless nodes. I would be extremely grateful if anyone of you can give advise on how to go about it.
The delay is 250 milliseconds,
bandwidth is 1.5 mbps and
packet loss rate is 1%
Thank you in advance


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Feb 2020
That sounds to me like simulated wireless nodes, which calls for simulated transmission.
Mohmmad Abu Yousuf
Mohmmad Abu Yousuf on 10 Feb 2020
Yes Mr Walter,
Could you please give me some suggestion how to do this? or any sample codes regarding this please.
Thank you Sir.

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