Write a MATLAB program to plot the following: a. The magnitude of the electric field along the central axis of a uniformly charged circular ring of radium 1 m and charge density 1 C/m. Assume that the ring is centred around the Z –axis.

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Is my code is correct?
lambda = 1;
R = 1;
k = 9e9;
n = input('Enter the value of z:');
z = -n:1:n;
E = ((2*pi*k*lambda*R*z)./((R.^2+z.^2).^1.5));
title("Electric Field Along z-axis");
xlabel('z-axis (in metres)');
ylabel('E-field (in N/C)');
David Goodmanson
David Goodmanson on 25 Feb 2020
Hi Sai,
the code looks good although I would say that points are inexpensive so -n : .01 : n looks much better. 'grid on' at the very end looks even better.

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