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any suggests, solutions ?

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diadalina on 28 Feb 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
i have a set of parameters, and i want fo create a file function that containt all my parameters in order to use them in others programs, but i can't find the way to do that !

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Jeremy on 28 Feb 2020
I changed one of them for you and re-attached it here.
Jeremy on 2 Mar 2020
% main file
alternatively, if you used a script
% main file

dpb on 28 Feb 2020
Jeremy is correct...
ncparamteres.m would contain:
% Script to create variables in the calling MATLAB workspace
nc = 500;
T = 365;
t = 0:T/(nc-1):T;
% the rest shouldn't be hard to decipher... :)
Alternatively, create an Initialization routine that is run once and saves the desired variables in a .mat file -- then just load that file and all the variables will appear like magic.
dpb on 29 Feb 2020
Edited: dpb on 29 Feb 2020
PLEASE! USE THE CODE Button to format the code (or highlight the code and presse CTRL_e)
That error has nothing to do with load, you're trying to assign a RHS of the assignment that is not compatible to the LHS which says the RHS has to be one value because you wrote a subscript of (1,1) on f.
But, we have no way to know what I, Philambda, and muN are as far as their dimensions; one must presume one or more of them is not just a single value but an array or vector.
However, going clear back to your first m-file, we can see that in it
and t was a vector so presuming the same definition still holds, Philambda is the same size as t and therefore you're trying to stuff 500 values into one location. No can do.
Use the debugger and consider what you're really doing including whether you have and want arrays or values, don't just throw code at MATLAB and then expect somebody else to figure out what's wrong.


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