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raspberry pi can receive block without function

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Chris Hada
Chris Hada on 11 Mar 2020
Hello Support,
im using: RasPi 3 B+, Matlab R2019b, Simulink Support Package fpor RasPi Hardware Toolbox.
The Problem is, that i cant Receive any CAN Signals unsing the CAN Receive Block. I can transmit without Problems. Also i can verify the Signals by using PCAN-View und Vector CANoe Simulation. But i cant receive them with the Block from the Toolbox.
There is also a Toolbox:
In there is an example, which works nearly fine. But the receiving Block there seems to work with to much delay between receiving Data from several CAN signals. For Example:Changing Data for the CAN Signal with ID 10 with PCAN-View gets sometimes not even detected.
Hope you can help.

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