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How to get data from simulink output to get displayed in numericfield of GUI created using app designer?

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sreekumar kannokada
sreekumar kannokada on 16 Mar 2020
i was trying to get the output data from simulink using 'to workspace' block.The data needs to be read by a GUI designed using MATLAB app designer.The GUI has a button, when pushed should cause simulink modal to run and return the output data and display it in the numericfield provided.I am not able to understand how the data shall be read by the app.I tried to get data using to workspace.But the problem is ,when GUI button is pushed,the simulink model will run but the ouput data is not being written to workspace.(if the simulink model is direcly run by pressing run button,then only output data is written in workspace).AM using MATLAB 2016a version.can anyone suggest any methods?


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