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When working from home, why do I get a MATLAB startup performance issue?

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Why is my startup very slow compared to working from the office? MATLAB keeps "Busy" or "Initializing".

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 26 Mar 2020
For general startup performance issues, refer to:
Among these causes, the following two are relatively likely for working from home:
1) Licensing issues.
This happens when you are using a floating license, and there is a bad connection with the license server, or the license server rejects the license request. To determine the cause, start MATLAB using the “-c” flag.
a) Open a command prompt / terminal window.
b) Enter the path to the MATLAB executable.
c) Enter the “-c” flag and the path to a known working license file.
Some examples:
*Windows: *
"$MATLAB\bin\win64\MATLAB.exe" -c <full_path_to_license_file or port@host>
*Linux or Mac: *
./matlab -c <full_path_to_license_file or port@host>
Note: If symbolic links were not created, run from $MATLAB/bin/
Where $MATLAB is the root MATLAB directory
If this resolves the stratup performance issue, reach out your license administrator and IT department to improve license server connection.
2) Solution 4 of Non-licensing issues.
This happens when you are using a remote initial working folder, or have remote path from a sluggish network. To determine and workaround:
a) Make sure your current folder is local after startup.
Set "General -> Initial working folder" to a local one in MATLAB preference.
b) Execute the following code in MATLAB Command Window:
Remove any network drives in the output via "Set Path".
c) If you can not perform preference or path settings, try to regenerate preference. Refer to:


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