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When working from home, why does Simulink model crash after long time running?

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My model worked fine in office. Now, in home office, I can run the model for a short time, like 10 seconds, and then MATLAB will crash after a while, like 100 seconds.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 26 Mar 2020
For working from home cases, usually, home laptops are not as good as company workstations. It might have performance issue, and one of them is crash caused by insufficient memory.
Besides enlarging memory, another workaround might be "decomposing whole simulation into some sections". To do this:
1) In model configuration, enable "Final states" and shorten simulation time to ensure you can run the model without crash.
2) After short time section running is finished, save workspace results into .mat file for later analysis.
3) To make memory room for next section running, clear workspace, except xFinal, which is the simulation operating point for next step.
4) In model configuration, enable "Initial state", set it to xFinal, and move simulation start / stop time to the next section.
5) Repeat step 2 ~ 4.
To have a complete demo, refer to:


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