writematrix with Range has problem.

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Kyoungtak Kim
Kyoungtak Kim on 29 Mar 2020
Edited: Kyoungtak Kim on 29 Mar 2020
I am confusing while I am using 'writematrix'.
Here is the code have the problem.
for i=1:5
CellRange = ['A',num2str(i)];
I know the Range should be Character type.
for i=1:5
firstRow = i;
firstCol = 'C';
cellRange = [firstCol,num2str(firstRow)];
Result of cellRange is character type as I expected.
But when I applied this into upper code, it's error message said that 'The range must be a character vector of the form 'A1:B2' or 'A1''
Is there something adjust for this?
Thank you.
Kyoungtak Kim
Kyoungtak Kim on 29 Mar 2020
Thank you, Mr. Roberson
It was stupid mistake.
It works after I get rid of '".

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