numerical integration in matlab

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parham kianian
parham kianian on 12 Apr 2020
Answered: David Hill on 12 Apr 2020
Suppose A is a column vector whose arrays are acceleration of a moving object and each array has been sampled every 0.01 sec.
I want to numerically integrate A to evaluate the velocity time history of object. I did the following:
t = (0 : 0.01 : 0.01 * (length(A) - 1));%time as a column vector
V = zeros(size(A));%initiate velocity vector
for ii = 1 : length(A) - 1
V(ii+1) = V(ii) + trapz(t(ii:ii+1),A(ii:ii+1));
The above code works well but I have hundereds of acceleration vectors and peforming calculation using "for loop" is too much time consuming.
Is there any function in matlab to integrate without "for loop" over vectors?

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David Hill
David Hill on 12 Apr 2020

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