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How to attach bldc motor with gear box?

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Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain el 19 de Abr. de 2020
Respondida: Soumya Sinha el 27 de Ag. de 2020
Presently work on electrical vehicle. I make a model of my power train on mathsworks. My project include 3phase bldc motor,batterypack,gearbox.But i can't attach bldc motor with gear box. so i want help .

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Soumya Sinha
Soumya Sinha el 27 de Ag. de 2020
Hi Ankit,
As a possible solution to get rid of the errors in the model you can consider the following steps-
  • Connect the neutral of the BLDC motor to the electrical reference.
  • Inside the “sensor subsystem1” connect the terminal C of the ideal rotational motion at an appropriate location.
  • Within the solver configuration block, check the “Start Simulation from Steady State” option.
Once the model is compiled you can check whether the output values are as expected from the model. I have attached the model with the given changes made.


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