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Path planning algorithm into Simulink

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Jarne van Gemert
Jarne van Gemert on 4 May 2020
Commented: Jarne van Gemert on 15 May 2020
I recently created a path planning algorithm. Now this function returns an array with x and y coordinates independent of time. I want to combine this with my simulink model. I want to run this function when I start my simulation and then use the array to return waypoints to my quadcopter. However, I am not able to use this function in simulink. I have tried several things. An s-function doesn't work because I don't need any input. The matlab function doesn't work either. If I try to put the function into the "matlab function block" I get errors that I cannot use round. That calling the function H, which is a matrix the size of the map so 40x40, has failed.
I found a solution, but it's not optimal. I can create a matlab function with a data input parameter. But first I have to run the code for the path planning algorithm separately before I can run the simulink model. I also tried to call the function in a "matlab function block" in simulink but unfortunately this doesn't work either. I can call the function from the command window. The function only has to run once. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can call this function in matlab?
Thanks in advance!


Githin John
Githin John on 7 May 2020
What is the error you are getting when trying to use the function in a MATLAB function block?
Jarne van Gemert
Jarne van Gemert on 15 May 2020
I got an error that my variable was not declared. I found the solution by using persistent.

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