Do not open shell when running system

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ChrizzzlP on 7 May 2020
Commented: ChrizzzlP on 8 May 2020
Hi all,
I am running an optimization which uses an external program (Nastran) in its function evaluation.
I use the system() function to run nastran.
Everything runs fine but a windows shell pops up everytime, which is rather annoying since this is my only computer I can work on and the new window stops me from being able to type in my webbrowser (e.g. here) or any other place every 15seconds and I have to keep clicking the point where I was to continue..
Is there a way to make the shell run in the background so I can continue using my computer?
I've tried using the other ways I know to run external programs but ! and dos() basically have the same function as system() so that ofcourse doesn't help..
ChrizzzlP on 8 May 2020
Unfortunately minimizing does not prevent the take-over and I still cannot continue typing normally

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