multiplication of functions integration problem

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Hello,i have two functions "fun" and "coef_fun"
"coef_fun" was created with interpolation of the attached CSV and it looks like in the photo bellow.
I have integrated fun over some interval ,and i got some numeric result.
When i tried to integrate the multiplication of fun and coeff_fun (in order to see the reduction the the numeric result)
It gives me an error "Undefined operator '*' for input arguments of type 'function_handle'"
i have attached my code.
Where did i go wrong in integrating multiplication of functions?
%Default Dataset_new file
data = load('Default Dataset4.csv');
x = data(:,1);
y = data(:,2);
data_x1=x*0.000001; %transform to micron
[data_k, index] = unique(data_x1);

Accepted Answer

ChrizzzlP on 7 May 2020
mult_fun needs to be defined as a function too. simple example below:
fun = @(x)x+3;
coef_fun = @(x) 5*x+9;
multiplication_func = @(x) fun(x)*coef_fun(x);
fima v
fima v on 7 May 2020
Edited: fima v on 7 May 2020
Hello I was able to integrate the Purple plot over the range and it gave me 43
Why when i integrate the smaller green plot My integral explodes?

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