slide=add(ppt, 'Title and Content') is not working when using a PowerPoint Template

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Hi All
I am using a powerpoint Template in my powerpoint presentation generation, where under the Master slide, I have one layout, and I first called it a one word name : 'Context' , and noticed that I can not refer to it when I wanted to add a Title or a Content. It is not clear , whether the layout should actually contain one 'Title' and one 'Content' place holder or it should be just the name of the layout !
So, I renamed my template's layout to 'Title and Content' , now the code manages to grab the Template and add one new Slide, but it can't add any of the text I have introduced via :
replace(ppt,'Content', 'my text to be written')
Should I also generate two place holders with names Title and Content ?

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