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Is the TCP/IP send or receiver well functional in windows 7 operation system?

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lll on 4 Nov 2012
I have tried these two fome instrument control toolbox in window xp. It works well.
But when I try to use these TCP/IP blocks in windows 7. I have got some errors.
I type in a regular ip and set the port as 80. then I use the button 'verify the address and port connectivity', the configuration error report appears.
it says " the remote address has been found. however, we are unable to connect to the server at the specified port. specify a different port or wait for" the current port to become available"
I tried different ports, but still does not work. what is the matter

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 5 Nov 2012
Edited: Jason Ross on 5 Nov 2012
Jan's suggestion is what came to mind first -- the firewall.
Other ideas: Port 80 is most commonly used for http traffic. There are a number of things that could cause port 80 to have troubles:
  • A web server is already running on your machine
  • A web server is running on the remote machine
  • You have malware running on port 80
  • The remote machine has malware running on port 80
  • Your network provider blocks port 80 partially, to not allow web servers or malware to run
  • You have anti-malware software that's stopping suspicious connections on port 80.
  • You are running with UAC enabled, and are essentially getting "access denied" from Windows. Try starting MATLAB from an elevated command prompt so you run with Administrator credentials.
If you move it off port 80, does it work?


lll on 6 Nov 2012
Thanks ver much for your prompt answer,
  • I have turned off all firewall.
  • I use the cmd command 'netstat' to check. It showes that the port 80 is not used or occupied.( Is these two good way enough to make sure the port 80 is availiable)
  • I have tried other port, still doesn't work.
however, I use another group of computer with their own different lan network. At least the port connection can be setup. but the message can be sent successfully.
I will try your last suggestion soon also. and tell you later
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 6 Nov 2012
Keep in mind also that 192.168.X.X is a private network in the IPv4 spec. Is the machine you are attempting to connect to also on the same network?
It's also fairly common for to be the address of your gateway router on a private network. If you have set it as the IP for whatever you are trying to connect to, that could be causing the problem.

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