How to generate a stacked plot with a scroll bar?

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I have a lot of signals that I have plotted in the image below. But, some of them are not displayed. The total number of signals is 64. Is there a way that I can have a stack plot with uniform-sized graphs but scroll option to see all the graphs.
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dipak nigam
dipak nigam on 5 Jul 2020
Hi, as per my understanding you want to insert a scrollbar to move through the plot. You can find a possible solution to insert a scrollbar in the given ML answer link.

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Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru on 10 Jul 2020
The ability to use scrollbar in MATLAB figure window is not available.
But as an work around you can download a File Exchange or
You can use something like this
panel1 = uipanel('Parent',1);
panel2 = uipanel('Parent',panel1);
set(panel1,'Position',[0 0 0.95 1]);
set(panel2,'Position',[0 -1 1 2]);
plot(A,B); % replace your stack plot fucntion here
s = uicontrol('Style','Slider','Parent',1,...
'Units','normalized','Position',[0.95 0 0.05 1],...
function slider_callback1(src,eventdata,arg1)
val = get(src,'Value');
set(arg1,'Position',[0 -val 1 2])

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