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Please help how to read colour depth of image in matlab

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Zarar Khalid
Zarar Khalid on 5 Jul 2020 at 18:31
Answered: Image Analyst on 5 Jul 2020 at 22:16
hi brothers please help our teacher gave us an assignment in which we have to read color depth of field images and i can't find it online can anyone please guide in MATLAB

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Benjamin on 5 Jul 2020 at 20:40
Maybe searching for "bit depth" would be helpful. I believe they are two terms for the same thing, and I believe MATLAB uses the term "bit depth".

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Jul 2020 at 22:16
rgbImage = imread('peppers.png');
whos rgbImage
That should be enough for you to figure it out.


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