Create a standalone exe from Simulink model

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Alireza Ghaderi
Alireza Ghaderi on 21 Aug 2020
I found that from 2020a we can export a simulink model to standalone .exe file.
Is there a limitation for this option? forexample all the block such as graphc gauges, user inputs, ... are available?
How can I create this .exe file. When I try to use slbuild on my model I get the following error:
Error using coder.internal.validateModelParam
'E:\rally\simulink_mavlink-master\examples\myTest.slx' is not registered with MATLAB as identifying
a Simulink model, hence it cannot be compiled. There may be a MATLAB class with the same name. If
so, rename either the model or the class
Am I doing this Correct?

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