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BLE read from arduino unsucessful

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Juan Arteaga
Juan Arteaga on 31 Aug 2020 at 6:54
I can write data to firebeetle 328p using BLE but I can't read it.
The BLE characteristic that reads and writes on the arduino has all the following attributes: "Read" "Write" "Notify" "WriteWithoutResponse".
So I have:
c = characteristic(b,"DFB0","DFB1");
and the arduino starts sending data or stop sending data when I run "send" or "stop". I can see the tx and rx leds in the arduino working.
But when I try to subscribe to recieve data:
I get the following error:
"Operation failed because write is not permitted."
But, as I mentioned before the BLE characteristic has a write attribute, and I can acctualy write on it (as mentioned before). But the subscribe function gives me the error that write is not permited
When I try to read with:
I always get a value of 1, which does not correspond to the value that arduino is sending.
Does anyone has an idea if there is a bug with the subscribe function or anyone has a suggestion to solve this problem?


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