corr2 return 1 for different value

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khalida basheer
khalida basheer on 20 Sep 2020
Commented: khalida basheer on 21 Sep 2020
why when i use corr2 for different value in matlab return result=1 although the tow matrix not similar like this:-
aa =
137.5093 1.9847
>> bb
bb =
141.2252 3.3757
>> corr2(aa,bb)
ans =

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 20 Sep 2020
If you use only 2D vectors with corr2(), it is always possible to draw a line connecting two points, so the correction coefficient is always 1 or -1. You can verify this by simplifying the formula: for the case when x and y are 2D vectors.
khalida basheer
khalida basheer on 21 Sep 2020
Sir Walter Roberson, actually the problem is the second feature, after deleting it and relying on other features, I got the acceptable result
thank you very much

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