How can make the word in Table not-split?

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In above table, the word is split. How can keep the words "right" and "left" (and any word) not split?
John on 25 Sep 2020
Hi, Walter:
Yes, as tags indicate. It looks bad. Hope there is a way to make it right.

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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy on 28 Sep 2020
Hi John,
It’s my understand that you are using Report Generator and you want to avoid hyphenation, i.e. Splitting the words in a table entry. You can use Hyphenation class to specify the hyphenation behaviour of paragraphs and table cells.
h = mlreportgen.dom.Hyphenation(false)
This will disable hyphenation and set the property Value to [].
You can refer to this documentation to learn about Hyphenation class and how to apply it.
John on 29 Sep 2020
This is what the link says:
Starting in R2020b:
  • Hyphenation is disabled, by default, for paragraphs and tables.
  • When hyphenation is disabled, where possible, a line break occurs between words. If necessary to prevent overflow, a line break can occur anywhere in a word.
  • When hyphenation is enabled, a line break and hyphenation character occur only at the end of a syllable. If a table cell contains a long sequence of numbers or letters that have no clear syllable breaks, overflow can occur. The table stretches to accommodate the overflow.
Before R2020b:
  • Hyphenation was disabled for paragraphs. Hyphenation was enabled for tables and the default hyphenation character was an empty space.
  • When hyphenation was disabled, a line break occurred only between words, which resulted in an overflow when a word extended past the boundary of a page or table cell.
  • When hyphenation was enabled, a line break and hyphenation character could occur anywhere in a word in a paragraph or table.
It seems that in either version, "When hyphenation was disabled, a line break occurred only between words", and this is what I wanted to break between words.
Anyways, I'll install R2020b and see what's going on.

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