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trying to obtain data from a txt file but one column has negative values and ignores the - sign and leaves it as +

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str = fileread('Wello.txt');
nums = cellfun(@str2double, regexp(str, '([\d.,]+)', 'match'));
DATA = reshape(nums, 3, [])';
this is the code above.
txt file is like this::
245 54 -45
output after code:
245 54 45

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Why use regular expression here. Just use readmatrix()
M = readmatrix('data.txt');
>> M
M =
245 54 -45
For the regular expression in your question, you missed the minus (-) sign
str = fileread('data.txt');
nums = cellfun(@str2double, regexp(str, '(-?[\d.,]+)', 'match'));
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