How to put the text on the top of the line?

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I have plot on the graph few horizontal lines and I would like to put some text on it, plots are shown below.
can anyone help!
Line 1:
y = 641;
plot ([0,100],[y,y],'Color',[0.6350, 0.0780, 0.1840],'LineStyle','--','LineWidth',1.5)
hold on
I want to put the text on the top of this line: " 641 is the invert limit"
Line 2:
y = 200.1;
plot ([0,100],[y,y],'Color',[0.4940, 0.1840, 0.5560],'LineStyle','--','LineWidth',1.5)
hold off
I want to put the text on the top of this line: " 200.1 is the maximum limit"
I tried this way but getting an error:
text(40,200.1),'200.1 is the maximum limit)
Invalid expression. When calling a function or indexing a variable, use parentheses. Otherwise,
check for mismatched delimiters.

Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 1 Oct 2020
You can generally use text(). In this case, yline() is easier
ax = axes();
hold on
y = 641;
yline(y, '--', '641 is the invert limit', ...
'FontSize', 14, ...
'LabelHorizontalAlignment', 'center');
y = 200.1;
yline(y, '--', '200.1 is the maximum limit', ...
'FontSize', 14, ...
'LabelHorizontalAlignment', 'center');

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