MATLAB exe execute is opening a command window

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I have matlab 2015a - Basic, SDK compiler & compiler.
I work on GUI development using GUIDE
I creat EXEs using batch script.(See below)
Every time I open the EXE that is compiled using teh below batch scrip, a command prompt is open displaying all the log statemnets.
I donot want this command prompt being open.
NOTE: When the same batch file is used for copiling the same code on different machine with MATLAB COMPILER LIC, the command prompt does not open. So thsi si an issue crealy with matlab settings in my machine.
Please help me resolve this issue!!
set cname=dltool_git_dev
rem ctype main or winmain
set ctype=main
set matv=R2015a
set exeto=D:\02_Compiled\%cname%
set mainm=D:\GITDevelopmentBranch\ETL\anwendungen\dltool\myprog.m
set libp= D:GITDevelopmentBranch\ETL\anwendungen\dltool
set matver="C:\MATLAB\%matv%\bin\mcc.bat"
echo compile %cname% ....
if not exist %exeto% mkdir %exeto%
CALL %matver% -o %cname% -W %ctype%:%cname% -T link:exe -d %exeto% -w enable:specified_file_mismatch -w enable:repeated_file -w enable:switch_ignored -w enable:missing_lib_sentinel -w enable:demo_license -v %mainm% -a %libp%

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Vaishnav Katiyar
Vaishnav Katiyar on 29 Oct 2020
While using MATLAB Application Compiler GUI, in the Additional Runtime Settings pane kindly check the "Do not display the Windows Command Shell (console) for execution". This may not show any Windows Command Shell on your desktop, when you run your standalone application.


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