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Why doesn't signal units propagate through blocks?

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Proglet el 31 de Oct. de 2020
Comentada: Walter Roberson el 1 de Nov. de 2020
I just started to use the "signal units" feature on Simulink signals then I found that it doesn't go through my model. For example, I expect a signal in "Nm" of the output of a product block which has inputs of signals in "N" and "m". But it doesn't happen.
Am I missing something?

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stozaki el 31 de Oct. de 2020
Hello Proglet,
There are two inputs. One has the unit N and the other has the unit m. The unit Nm is obtained as the result of each multiplication.
However, the Product block does not automatically add units to the calculation result. This is a Simulink specification. If you want to give the unit explicitly, you need to set the unit attribute using Simulink.Signal object etc.
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Proglet el 1 de Nov. de 2020
Thank you for your reply.
Now I know this feature is for not calculation consistency checking but subsystem connection checking.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 1 de Nov. de 2020
Simscape checks units I believe.

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