How to produce a plot for signals?

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I have to produce a plot for a sine wave using the following values. Uni being what it is at the moment it's pointless trying to get help from Lecturers.
Values for this plots are as follows -
饾懃 = 2sin (5饾憽)
饾懄 = 2cos (3饾憽)
I understand how to actually tell MatLab to produce the graph but that's the limit of my understanding here.

Accepted Answer

Setsuna Yuuki.
Setsuna Yuuki. on 13 Nov 2020
Edited: Setsuna Yuuki. on 13 Nov 2020
t = 0:1e-3:5 %time of sampling
x = 2*sin(5*t); %evaluated function
plot(t,x); %plot(axis x,axis y)
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