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Police increase of X/Y label in plot

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I want to increase the police in the xlabel or ylabel in my plot (figure). Can you help me in that? So is for the legend


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ZAFIMANDIMBY Mampiandra Ny Hanitra
I have already ploted a graph. I want the coordinates to be more visible, so is the text related to the xlabel and ylabel, Cn you help me to give a code which allows me to do that? Thanks
Are Mjaavatten
Are Mjaavatten on 2 Dec 2020
What do you mean by "police"?
ZAFIMANDIMBY Mampiandra Ny Hanitra
Hi. I wanted to express the size of the writing in the xlabel (Ex : Population). I want to make it bigger in order to be more visible. I have already gotten a relevant help. Thank you very much.

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 2 Dec 2020
I think you are referring to the Properties of the text and coordinates. You can add properties of Fontsize and Fontweight to xlabel and ylabel. Look at
doc xlabel
for example.


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