How do I call another .m file to run some calculations

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I'm using app designer and I need to call another .m file to run some calculations for me. The .m file I will be calling requires two inputs (x and y) and it should send back to outputs (xhat and yhat). Could someone please provide some code on how to do this? Thanks
Jonathan Moorman
Jonathan Moorman on 18 Dec 2020
Sorry, I'm a bit lost (new to matlab). Could you write out how it should look? Everything I'm trying with the link is still giving an error

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Accepted Answer

Ruger28 on 18 Dec 2020
In app designer somewhere when you want to call your function, make sure you have your data ready, and the function is on your path (place it in the same folder as your app).
% Some Callbacks and code later, you come up with x & y
x = [1:5]
y = [1:5]
[xhat, yhat] = MyOutsideFunction(x,y)
In a seperate .m file, you have your function, but I'll make a dummy function
function [xhat, yhat] = MyOutsideFunction(x,y)
xhat = x * 100;
yhat = y * 100
end % function end

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