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How to use R2019a along with R2019b on Windows 10?

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Rajashekhar R
Rajashekhar R el 21 de Dic. de 2020
Editada: Image Analyst el 21 de Dic. de 2020
Actually now I am using R2019b which does not has any toolboxes. But earlier I installed many important toolboxes in my R2019a. Now when I run a code in R2019a, it's giving following error:
Bundle#101 start failed: Loading C:\Program
Files\MATLAB\R2019a\bin\win64\builtins\matlab_graphics_chart\mwlibmwchart_builtinimpl.dll failed
with error: The specified module could not be found.
So how do I use version R2019a along with R2019b simultaneously on a Windows 10 PC?

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