How to plot polygon from shapefile in Matlab

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Hi all,
I have the following polygon, which should represent the borders of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.
I am however not able to plot these using Matlab on top of an imagesc. Can anyone help me? The file is in attachment.
T=shaperead('BENELUX_POLYGON.shp','usegeo', true);
Thanks already

Answers (1)

Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena on 29 Jan 2021
Hi Yoni ,
shaperead only Read vector features and attributes from shapefile, it won't plot those data.
To plot those shapefile you need to use mapshow. I tried this on my end :
T=shaperead('BENELUX_POLYGON.shp','usegeo', true);
and I got the following result :

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