How can i mark wheezes(.txt file) on the sound file on GUI

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(Sound graph) (Starting-ending wheezes)
I have sound file of 5 patients and I have drawn them as txt in the GUI, but I could not mark the data in the wheeze file in txt. On the left is the sound graph of a person with asthma. On the right is the data of the asthma patient's start and end wheezes as a txt file. The left row in the txt file represents the starting wheezes and the right row represent ending wheezes. My aim here is to mark the wheezes with red and green vertical lines on the sound file on the left. The red vertical line should represent the beginning and the green vertical line should represent end wheezes. For example, 2239 should be marked as red and 3239 green vertical lines on the sound file.
case 'Option 1'
mydata = load("yk130505sk403.txt");
samples = size(mydata,1);
plot(app.UIAxes,1:samples,mydata(:,1),'b'); % I drawn sound file like this but i could not assign wheezes to my sound file.
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Rik on 16 Mar 2021
You could try to find the envelope and determine where the distance between the upper and lower bounds are below a certain threshold.

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Asvin Kumar
Asvin Kumar on 16 Mar 2021
One way to do this would be using the brush tool. Here's an examples that shows how to select multiple vaues from a plot and then export the data: Save Brushed Data in a Variable. I'm not sure about how one would add the red/green lines as you had mentioned.
On the other hand, this seems like a typical use case for the Audio Labeler app. Have a look at the Audio Labeler Walkthrough page which demonstrates how to use the app. The use case discussed on the page is similar to yours.


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