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Cant install Raspberry Pi Support Packages on MATLAB R2021a

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Chris Hada
Chris Hada on 15 Mar 2021
Commented: Chris Hada on 25 Mar 2021
everytime im trying to install the packages vom the File Exchange there appears the info, that it was successfully installed but i cant find it in the explorer browers?
Whats wrong with this?
Thanks for help
Chris Hada
Chris Hada on 25 Mar 2021
This was the Problem with Matlab 2021a Prerelease. Now i have more Problems mit the actual R2021a Version.
I have reinstalled Matlab over 10 times so far. With right click and run with admin rights and only unzip without auto-start.
The Add-On File-Explorer doesnt open an i cant sign in. I also had a support ticket. I can reproduce the error on another pc. The last working Matlab Release was 2019b.
Thanks and kind regards,

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