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How can I do the SINR representation of some points?

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As a result of the SINR function, I have a table with the latitude and the longitude of some points and the SINR of these points. I have to change some values, how can I display these new points SINR on the map?

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Seth Furman
Seth Furman on 17 Mar 2021
I'm a little unclear on your workflow, but you might consider one of the geographic plots, such as geobubble.
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Paula Álvarez Ferrero
Paula Álvarez Ferrero on 18 Mar 2021
Thank you very much for your answer!
It is true that maybe I didn't explained my problem correctly.
The sinr function can give as a result two things:
  • If you equal that function to a variable, it fulfills that variable with a table with the latititude, longitude and SINR value of some points
  • If you just call that function, it represents these points on a 3D map (site viewer)
I have done the first option, and I have the table with the points values, but I have to change some of the SINR values for my study. After that, I would like to represent the values on the 3D map as the sinr function does in the second alternative.
I have tried to check the code inside de sinr function to see how it represents on the map, but I cannot understand how it does it. I understand how it fulfills the table (first alternative) but no how it represents the data in the 3D map (for me to do the same with my new data)
Your alternative is my B plan if I am not able to do that, because it allows me to colour the map with my data, but it is a 2D map and the quality it is not as good as with Site Viewer, but it is another option and at least I have another alternative! Thanks

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