How to do an iteration with for loop

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Jenjen Ahmad Zaeni
Jenjen Ahmad Zaeni on 3 May 2021
Edited: Jenjen Ahmad Zaeni on 3 May 2021
Hello everyone. I have a code for doing a decoding iteration. I have problem with looping, and i've attached the .m file. Sorry for bad explanation, but i want the final value of variable, lets say it's
Lj = -41.0644 -5.4258 0 -39.2725 0
0 0 -40.9465 7.0998 0
0 -7.0998 0 0 40.9465
-11.1200 0 -39.2725 0 -5.4258
to be processed again for n times like the commands above it. So it's like the value of Lj is processed again like the value of Lb, which is the top variable of the loop. When i put ii=1:n, its value remain the same. I understand my loop is not really right. What should i fix to make it works? Thank you very much.

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