Calculate differences between all values elements in a vector and increase max diff by one

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I'm trying to produce a code that will calculate the differences between all values in a vector.
The Vectors could also be random*.
Specifically, say I have a vector A [2 3 1 4] and a Vector B [4 4 2 4].
My Vector C should show the difference betweeen the Values of A and B, so C should be [2 1 1 0].
The max difference is 2, and it can easily be found with max(C).
What I want to do is that it should increase the Value of the element of A by one that was linked to the highest difference.
Any help would be appreciated.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 10 Jun 2021
A = [2 3 1 4] ; B =[4 4 2 4];
AB = B-A ;
[val,idx] = max(AB) ;
A(idx) = A(idx)+1

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