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How to measure mouse speed?

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Amir Baniamerian
Amir Baniamerian on 11 Sep 2013
Commented: Alexis Pierides on 17 Feb 2015
Hello, I am looking for an object or function that can provide the mouse speed.
p.s. I need to measure the mouse speed in a real-time application. I tried to calculate the speed based on distance divided by time. However, the result is not reliable enough.

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Alexis Pierides
Alexis Pierides on 17 Feb 2015
Hi Amir, How did you measure the mouse distance and time data in matlab? Did you read the raw data or the cursor possition on the screen? If you read the raw data, how did you do it? Thanks

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Jan on 12 Sep 2013
If distance divided by time is not reliable enough, there is no way to solve the problem: Speed is defined by distance divided by time.
Please elaborate the actual problems. Show us the code or explain at least the methods you use to determine the distance and the speed. Tell us what level or reliability you want and how you determine problems here.


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