Write a sentence in multiple files

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I have a many '.txt' files in a folder.
a.txt, b.txt, c.txt ......
Now I want to open each one of them one by one and print the following sentence in the 5th line from the beginning of each one them including the file name.
The sentence is :
a.txt > "I am in a file"
b.txt > "I am in b file"
these line should be printed on the 5th line from the file starting.
Can you please tell me the procedure

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Aug 2021
And this snippet:
% Open the file for reading in text mode.
fileID = fopen(fullFileName, 'rt');
% Read the first line of the file.
textLine = fgetl(fileID);
lineCounter = 1;
while ischar(textLine)
% Print out what line we're operating on.
fprintf('%s\n', textLine);
% Read the next line.
textLine = fgetl(fileID);
lineCounter = lineCounter + 1;
% All done reading all lines, so close the file.
Good luck.

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