How do I create my own MATLAB Toolbox and a list of its contents?

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How do I create my own MATLAB Toolbox and a list of its contents? How can I get a list of functions in a directory by using 'help directory_name'?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team el 13 de Dic. de 2011
A toolbox is a collection of user-written MATLAB files. To make your own toolbox, put the MATLAB files for the toolbox in one or more directories and then add these directories to the MATLAB Path. You can use PATHTOOL to bring up the Path Browser so you can add directories to the MATLAB Path. Use the "Path" menu in the Path Browser. We suggest placing your files outside of the MATLAB directory tree, and then including that directory on your path, instead of working inside the MATLAB directory tree.
For information on how to add help and demos for your own toolbox, please refer to the documentation at:
You may access the same page locally by typing the following at the MATLAB prompt:
web([docroot '/techdoc/matlab_prog/f3-40511.html#bsf0yi2'])

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Rob Purser
Rob Purser el 2 de Jun. de 2023
Hi, I wanted to make you aware of a new resource MathWorks has created for MATLAB Toolbox Authors: Best Practices for MATLAB Toolbox Development."
This comprehensive guide provides valuable guidelines and recommendations for high-quality and user-friendly MATLAB toolboxes. By following these best practices, you can create toolboxes that enhance productivity and deliver an exceptional user experience. We also have included a complete example (link) that implements all the best practices.
This has been released under a permissive license so that people can redistribute them freely and incorporate them in their own organization’s best practices. If you have comments or suggestions, open an issue or participate in the discussions on GitHub.
Check out our guide today and start building exceptional MATLAB toolboxes!


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