Problem 2356. Simulating the selection of a state with given probabilities

Solution 3101866

Submitted on 7 Oct 2020
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Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
probs = rand; while sum(probs) < 1 a = rand; if a + sum(probs) > 1 probs = [probs 1-sum(probs)]; break; else probs = [probs a]; end end states = 1:length(probs); for i = 1:100 y{i,1} = select_state(probs); [nelements,centers] = hist(y{i},states); probs_result{i} = nelements/length(y{i}); error(i,1) = sum(abs(probs-probs_result{i})); end assert(mean(error) <= 0.05 & mean(error) > 0);

Assertion failed.

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