Solution 1695600

Submitted on 18 Dec 2018
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
s = 'a man a plan a canal panama'; assert(isequal(is_pal(s),true))

2   Pass
s = 'taco cat'; assert(isequal(is_pal(s),true))

3   Pass
s = 'a man a plan canal panama'; assert(isequal(is_pal(s),false))

4   Pass
s = char(randi(74,1,200)+'0'); assert(isequal(is_pal(s),false)); % most probably

5   Pass
s = char(randi(74,1,200)+'0'); s = [s fliplr(s)]; assert(isequal(is_pal(s),true));

6   Fail
s = fileread('is_pal.m'); s = regexprep(s,'%This code written by profile_id.*','') assert(isequal(is_pal(s),true));

s = 'function ans=is_pal(s)% s(~ismember(s,[13 32]));% strcmp(ans,fliplr(ans));% end% %dne %;))sna(rlpilf,sna(pmcrts %;)' '=~s(s %)s(lap_si=sna noitcnuf '

Assertion failed.