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Submitted on 17 Mar 2020
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
x = 'I played piano. John played football. Anita went home. Are you safe?'; y = {'I played piano.' 'Anita went home.' 'Are you safe?'}; assert(isequal(lazy(x),y))

new_x = 1×4 cell array {'I played piano'} {'John played football'} {'Anita went home'} {'Are you safe?'} z = 'I played piano.' z = 'Anita went home.'

Assertion failed.

2   Pass
x = 'Are you okay? Who are you? Olga will call you. Sam saw me.'; y = {'Olga will call you.'}; assert(isequal(lazy(x),y))

new_x = 1×4 cell array {'Are you okay'} {'Who are you'} {'Olga will call you'} {'Sam saw me.'} z = 'Olga will call you.'

3   Fail
x = 'One is more. Than what? No it''s not. But why? Angela said so.'; y = {'One is more.' 'Angela said so.'}; assert(isequal(lazy(x),y))

new_x = 1×5 cell array {'One is more'} {'Than what'} {'No it's not'} {'But why'} {'Angela said so.'} z = 'One is more.'

Assertion failed.

4   Fail
x = 'One plus two. Is four. No, that''t not right. It''s three.'; y = {'One plus two.' 'It''s three.'}; assert(isequal(lazy(x),y))

new_x = 1×4 cell array {'One plus two'} {'Is four'} {'No, that't not right'} {'It's three.'} z = 'One plus two.'

Assertion failed.

5   Pass
x = 'I went home. After the game. It was sad. It was lame. It was great!'; y = {'I went home.' 'After the game.' 'It was lame.'}; assert(isequal(lazy(x),y))

new_x = 1×5 cell array {'I went home'} {'After the game'} {'It was sad'} {'It was lame'} {'It was great!'} z = 'I went home.' z = 'After the game.' z = 'It was lame.'

6   Pass
x = 'One, two, three. Climb the tree. Four, five, six. It''s not here. Eight and nine. That''s fine.'; y = {'One, two, three.' 'It''s not here.' 'Eight and nine.'}; assert(isequal(lazy(x),y))

new_x = 1×6 cell array {'One, two, three'} {'Climb the tree'} {'Four, five, six'} {'It's not here'} {'Eight and nine'} {'That's fine.'} z = 'One, two, three.' z = 'It's not here.' z = 'Eight and nine.'

7   Pass
x = 'Either one is fine. Why? Because he said so.'; y = {'Either one is fine.'}; assert(isequal(lazy(x),y))

new_x = 1×3 cell array {'Either one is fine'} {'Why'} {'Because he said so.'} z = 'Either one is fine.'