Streaming Data Framework for MATLAB Production Server

Add analytics to your Kafka streaming pipeline with MATLAB Production Server, and interact with Kafka streams using the MATLAB desktop.
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Actualizado 19 jun 2024
Add MATLAB analytics to your streaming data pipeline. Stream data from Kafka into algorithms hosted by MATLAB Production Server and publish results back to Kafka. View the Streaming Data Framework for MATLAB Production Server Documentation for help and examples, including methods for interacting with Kafka data streams from desktop MATLAB.
This software support package is functional for R2022b and beyond.
If you have download or installation problems, please contact Technical Support -
Compatibilidad con la versión de MATLAB
Se creó con R2022b
Compatible con cualquier versión desde R2022b hasta R2024b
Compatibilidad con las plataformas
Windows macOS (Apple Silicon) macOS (Intel) Linux
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