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A new calendar date picker using nested functions

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UICAL is an implementation of a calendar date picker which uses the power of the nested functions.
UICAL is easily customizable in terms of colors and even languages. In fact you can easily add you own set of languages.

Enjoy !

RES = UICAL() displays the calendar in English with the today's date
selected. RES is a 3-elements vector containing the year, month and day
the user selected.

RES = UICAL(SDATE) displays the calendar in English with SDATE date
selected. SDATE can be either a serial date number or a 3-elements vector
containing year, month and day in this order.

RES = UICAL(SDATE,LANG) displays the calendar in the language specified by
LANG with SDATE date selected.
Default available languages are English and French but you can easily add
your own by editing the SET_LANGUAGES nested function at the bottom of this

Customization Tips:
You can customize the colors of the calendar by editing the "Colors" section
at the begining of the main function. See comments there for more details.


myDate = uical()

myDate = uical(now+7)

myDate = uical([1980 7 24],'fr')

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