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OFDM Trasnmitter and Receiver (Matlab Code)

version (2.42 KB) by Ihsan Ullah
OFDM code with 16-QAM modulation. Can be easily Understood and modified.


Updated 17 Oct 2009

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This code basically computes the BER of an OFDM system. The ifft size is 64 .16-QAM is the modulation Technique and convolution encoding rate 1/2 is used as the coding scheme.

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Ihsan Ullah (2020). OFDM Trasnmitter and Receiver (Matlab Code) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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minh le

¿Puedes explicarme porfavor porque pilt = 3 + 3j. por qué lo estamos usando? y también la parte de inserción del piloto en el código? porfavor


Please send me the code for ber analysis of MIMO OFDM system using MATLAB to mail id

Nikitha Sojan

Can you explain the pilot insertion part of the code?.Can we choose any no of pilots?.Can we insert the pilots wherever we want?.Also,is it possible to perform the modulation without doing the covolutional encoding.?
kindly send the explanation to this mail

Shagun Sharma

Nicely written

dakhli mohamed

image chaine de transmission

Kamalraaj B

Md. Nasim Faruq

The MATLAB Codes were very informative and helpful. Can anyone please help to to implement a Wireless MIMO channel in MATLAB? You can send me at

It will be kind of you.
Thank you.

Sikander Ayub

Benjamin Holzer

For those who have the following error :

Undefined function or variable 'randint'.

try replacing the line 21 : t_data=randint(9600,1)'; by : t_data=randi([0,1],9600,1)';

Abdelwahab Afifi

Undefined function or variable 'randint'.

Error in OFDM (line 21)

Rahimeto Samuel

Zubiya Hashmi Shaik

can u explain me pilt = 3+3j . why we are using it and contlen = 7 why only 7 y can't we take another
number. u can send the explanation content to my mail ""

mustafa sami


Triana Humpire

soni kumari

can't run the program. error has display like
Error in OFDM (line 26)

madi bay

ali noore

sumitha parameswari

Surya Vamsi

Mila Much

Nice work. I am writing a thesis on implementing radix 4 FFT algorithm for OFDM. I am new to simulink. Please anybody with sufficient knowledge on how to go about it should email me on

Amandeep Kaur

Trinh Anh


Very nice work sir,

jyoti makkar

this is nice code please explain me this code line by line and suggest me what can i change in this code for my thesis work...its very veru urgent..please reply me soon..

saranya sai

saumya nayak

Sudhanshu Arya

Cholnam Kim


Sir please tell me some other interleaving code for reducing BER.

Neenu Sharma

Thanku sir. Sir can you send me mimo ofdm transceiver coding...My email is

mohamed abdallah



Yuvaraj V

Thank you

Mayar Mohamed



Asia khan

Fahad Sadaqat


Aseem Sameer

Onkar Patil

Thank you very much. I have to use QPSK modulation in OFDM system. After that, I want to introduce some random carrier frequency offsets in various sub carrier frequencies. This offset may be modeled by a Gaussian RV with rms value equal to 1/3 to 1/2 percent of the frequency spacing. Can anybody please help me with that, Please guy's, my email id is .

karthi palanimuthu

thanks a lot..can u plz send me mimo-ofdm transceiver currently doing my final year project..plz mail me

hari reddy

I need code for ofdm signal which shows PAPR

Bilal Jutt

can anyone please please email me line to line explanation of this code.PLEASE GUYs :(

zulfat akbar

Thanks for your source code,but I need source code about BER vs Eb/No ofdm with 4 QAM ,,please send to my email


priyabrata panda

very helpful

Manikandan MmS

fouad mayouf


thank you!


Sir, How can we make it highly computationally efficient using shifting and switching technic. I need the theory part and coding to study.
Please send it on my e-mail:
Thanks and regards,

ch asim

Santosh S T T

hi pls tell me how to use qpsk in the same code instead of qam16 pls reply soon

sania sss

santosh, they using 1/2 code rate, means k/n form ,1 is the single input and 2 is the output in the form of adders and they are using 7 memory register , after implementing this , u wil get [171 133]...

sania sss

hey please, any body tell me... how much bandwidth and symbol duration they used in this program..please please ...reply me to this

Fauza Khair

hey ,
please send me the global configuration parameter file


Plz just explain below line of ur coding
codegen = [171 133]; % Polynomial

I mean what codegen function does here.


Hello dear
please help me i need m file for
General MIMO-OFDM with QAM modulation tech. result should me compaision of V-Blast.MMSE, ZF w.r.t BER v/s SNR

Samenov Abylay

Hello . My name is Abylay . I undergraduate Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunication. I am currently working on a dissertation on LTE, namely the creation of a simulation model of OFDM and OCDM on MATLAB. Can you help me ? Please contact me at my e-mail address
Thank you very much.

SP 2


very good!

Kanwal Nain

i request you to kindly explain the code line by line. please



Please I have been trying to write a code to generate an OFDM baseband signal and also to find the PAPR of the signal and its spectrum but its been fruitless getting frustrated, plz any ideas?


sir can u pls send me code for channel estimation of ofdm

Mounika Andem

sir the code is showing an error in line 26 that the index is out of order matrix dimension please help me

Mounika Andem


Can you help me out in my project? What I need is An OFDM model with AWGN added and TDE, FDE and OFDE applied and then a performance comparison is done on the basis of BER...



It is helpfull

amala kokkiligadda


can you please send me the matlab code for ofdm using qpsk.. to my id


i want code for Joint Decoding of LDPC Code and Phase Factors for OFDM Systems With PTS PAPR Reduction




pls can someone help me with matlab code for cancellation of ofdm sidelobes? thanks alot.

chathuri singhabahu


there is an error in line 49.

Prakash Bala

I want BER of OFDM MSK & DQPSK matlab code.. pls help

ganesh kaveti

thanku very much



aleksander damzi

was very yousful

quy nguyenminh

hi every body.i had 1 proplem about the ofdm simulate.this is the last year i study at i have 1 project that about OFDM.but i did'nt know how to simulate that.some one cuold show me.thanks alot.and what'll i do first?

quy nguyenminh

how can it working.that just demo.they cut some where in the code


sorry! I was wrong! the code is perfectly working!!


I found a problem with this code.
When no noise is added and when the rxed_data is collected for every frame, then there is an error when compared to t_data


can any one help me in this topic"Interference Suppression for OFDM Systems With
Insufficient Guard Interval Using Null Subcarriers"

Suhail Khalid

Well done! A few parts I feel could be done better (specifically the choice of using trellis and pilot insertion) but all in all quite straight forward and easily understood. Thanks!

Ihsan Ullah

wu zhi

It's very good!

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