Power Law, Exponential and Logarithmic Fit

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Finds and plots the linear fit to some data points when plotted on a log scale.

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logfit(X,Y,graphType), where X is a vector and Y is a vector or a
matrix will plot the data with the axis scaling determined
by graphType as follows: graphType-> xscale, yscale
loglog-> log, log
logx -> log, linear
logy -> linear, log
linear -> linear, linear
A line is then fit to the scaled data in a least squares
See the 'notes' section below for help choosing a method.
logfit(X,Y), will search through all the possible axis scalings and
finish with the one that incurs the least error (with error
measured as least squares on the linear-linear data.)

A power law relationship
[slope, intercept] = logfit(x,y,'loglog');
yApprox = (10^intercept)*x.^(slope);

An exponential relationship
[slope, intercept] = logfit(x,y,'logy');
yApprox = (10^intercept)*(10^slope).^x;

A logarithmic relationship
[slope, intercept] = logfit(x,y,'logx');
yApprox = (intercept)+(slope)*log10(x);

A linear relationship
[slope, intercept] = logfit(x,y,'linear');
yApprox = (intercept)+(slope)*x;

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