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Fast Filter Bank Design (ffbd)

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This function can be used to design uniform and non-uniform filter banks.


Updated 09 Nov 2015

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The goal here is to design M analysis and synthesis FIR filters based on the method proposed in [1] so that the perfect reconstruction conditions are satisfied (or almost satisfied) and the energy in the analysis and synthesis filters' stopband areas is minimized (strong stopband attenuation). The algorithm can design both uniform (critically/over sampled) and non-uniform (compatible/incompatible) filter banks.
The method is described in the following paper:
[1] Moazzen, I.; Agathoklis, P., "Design of Filterbanks Using a Fast Optimization Approach," Circuits and Systems (LASCAS), 2015 IEEE Sixth Latin American Symposium on , February 24 - 27, 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay.
In order to learn how you can use this Matlab submission, please copy all the m-files included in the "ffbd" folder into the current directory of your Matlab and type "help ffbd". If you find this Matlab submission useful, please cite the paper in your work.

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