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Cross Entropy TSP Solver

version (68.7 KB) by Sebastien PARIS
Solve TSP problem with a CE method.


Updated 23 Jul 2008

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TSP toy problem solved by Cross-Entropy Method (stochastic optimization procedure) based on generation of multiple random paths.

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Sebastien PARIS (2021). Cross Entropy TSP Solver (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

Tammy Zeng

why it doesn't work? It says some functions lack one input

liudaohai liudaohai

Thank you very much!!

Sébastien Paris

Update with missing file (cost_tsp) coming soon. Thx for reporting this.

liudaohai liudaohai

??? Undefined command/function 'cost_TSP'.

Error in ==> TSP_CE at 155
[S , indice] = sort(cost_TSP(L , X));

Error in ==> demo_TSP_CE at 33
[X_opt , S_opt , Pt , T] = TSP_CE(L , X1 , option);

liudaohai liudaohai

file demo_TSP_CE does not work,after recompile both mex files

Zdravko B.

very useful and well written. Thanks for sharing

Sébastien Paris

You have to recompile both mex files if your are not using a win32 system.

Mats Ahlgren

does not work; even example in "help TSP_CE" does not work; demo file doesn't work either; all give same error:

??? Error using ==> generation_TSP
Too many input arguments.

Error in ==> TSP_CE at 152
X = generation_TSP(Pt , option.N , X1);

Ye Ning

nino nona

allamul wafa

please send me the TSP solver where the input is coordinat

Carlos Alcántara

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Compatible with any release
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