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Blackbody Radiation Spectrum from Wien's Law and Planck's law

version (1.49 KB) by Sathyanarayan Rao
This code calculates blackbody radiation spectrum at different temperatures


Updated 25 Oct 2014

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Wien's law and Plancks law for black-body radiation is compared and plotted.

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Sathyanarayan Rao (2021). Blackbody Radiation Spectrum from Wien's Law and Planck's law (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Salman Ahmed



Just wanted to re-affirm that this script did exactly what I expected and Stephan Suckow's suggestions worked as well.
A couple minor suggestions:
1.) Before entering the for loop, initialize the size of I1 and I2 using the following:
I1 = zeros(length(Lam),length(T));
I2 = zeros(length(Lam),length(T));
2.) Change for loop to iteration variable and range to:
for ii = 1:length(T)
The first suggestion may help speed things up. The second one does two things 1) change the for loop iteration variable from i to ii (MATLAB uses i for imaginary numbers) and 2) allows one to change the length of T and not have to modify the for loop range.

Thank you.

fahhad al atshan

Stephan Suckow

Does exatly what it claims. Minor improvement suggestion:

Line 33: plot(Lam,I1(:,i),'b','linewidth',2)
Line 42: line([1.2e-5 1.4e-5], [5e8 5e8],'color','b','linewidth',2)

This way the legend matches the line color for all temperatures in newer Matlab versions.

Simo Tukiainen

Francisco Mendoza

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Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
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