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Explicit Numerical Methods to solve Differential Equation

version (981 Bytes) by Sathyanarayan Rao
Here , I compare Euler, Runge-Kutta and Adam-Bashforth methods to integrate a simple function.


Updated 03 Jan 2016

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A simple sinusoidal function is integrated using different well known explicit schemes and error is compared at the end.

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Sathyanarayan Rao (2020). Explicit Numerical Methods to solve Differential Equation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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A generalized framework called MaxPol has been recently published and made available here

MaxPol provides a framework to design variety of numerical differentiation kernels with properties like:
(1) Cutoff (lowpass) design with no side-lob artifacts (for noise-robust case)
(2) Arbitrary order of differentiation
(3) Arbitrary polynomial accuracy
(4) Derivative matrix design
(5) 2D Derivative Kernels with Steering moments
(6) Intuitive examples in Signal and Image processing


Added a function to be integrated

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